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Man Cheung Po Infinity Pool

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What better way to spend an afternoon than with a gentle stroll away from the busyness of Hong Kong, enjoying stunning views over the sea, followed by a picnic next to a natural mountain-top infinity pool, surrounded by lush greenery and refreshing waterfalls?

A little off the beaten track, and up a short but steep, unmarked path, this hidden gem is well worth a visit. Man Cheung Po, literally means a 10,000-foot tall waterfall – and that’s exactly what you’ll find when you get there. Fed by the man-made reservoir system surrounding it, you’ll find that the waterfalls form a stunning infinity pool which looks out over the mountains.
Note: Although it’s extremely tempting to take a dip in the water, it’s technically forbidden. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy the view!

Start/end: Tai O
Duration: 1 hour each way
How to get there: Take bus 11 from Tung Chung to Tai O. From the bus stop in Tai O, you should see a very large bridge which you need to cross over.

Infinity 1 bridge
Follow the catchwater road of Keung Shan through a small village with houses by the sea (a path the veers slightly to your left and is signposted to Ma Cheung Po), then walking parallel to the sea. You should walk up into a wooded area. Beware of the many spiders that spin huge webs from the trees and make their home here.

Inifinity 2 spider
Enjoy stunning views over the sea and the mountains of Lantau along the way.

Infinity 3 view
There will be a few paths to your right along the way, including one clearly signposted to Ma Cheung Po. Ignore these. Keep walking with the sea on your right until you get to an area of beach with a jetty. Opposite, should be an unmarked path that goes steeply uphill into the woods.

Infinity 4 uphill
Follow the path upwards and keep going for around 20 minutes. Once you reach an abandoned blue and white house at the top of the hill, you’re not lost you’re around 10 minutes away!

Infinity 5 final
When you can finally see the infinity pool, you need to climb to steep steps to your left, before clambering up a small hill over to the pool.

Photos by Hannah Ball and Brittany Mann

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