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Apply Yourself

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Is the sheer volume of apps available, preventing you getting it on with your iPad? Paula Lepore Burrough has the in.

Recently, I attended an iPad weekend workshop Discovering Great Content in Shekou, China, led by Marty Ruthalvilavan (tweet him @mmrythatl). Why did I find it useful? It can be an overwhelming task finding the right app amongst the 300,000+ to choose from. And I can’t keep track of the number of times I have been asked, ‘What should I install on my iPad?’. Since an app is as unique as the person using it, my recommendation would be to use a few of the following to get you back in the game. It will transform your relationship with your iPad to happily ever after.

AppAdvice makes it easy to find the perfect app whether using the app itself or through its online site. A team of enthusiasts create 24+ articles each day to keep readers up to date. They are basically watching the app store for you. Browse the website to scan the top 100 free and paid iPad apps. Or view the app which contains news about the latest IOS devices, lists hand-picked apps for specific activities, and helps you find the best app for a specific need. If you are an iPad virgin, the AppStart app is a fun first time. Think of it as an app of greatest hits.

Apps Gone Free
The 2012 Best App Ever Award winner allows for lots of foreplay before you purchase the best free apps of the day. The Apps Gone Free techies find quality apps that developers are offering free of charge. You’ll find summaries written by experts, who tell you all about each particular app, and why you need it! No more time and money wasted on useless apps – this is an effective filter for the trashy ones. You can also install the AppBump app and vote for apps that are expensive, but well worth trying. Apps Gone Free tempts developers to stop charging their community of users.

Discovr has more than 2.5 million users and, Number One in 17 countries including the US and Japan, it certainly gets around. Its refreshingly clean front page requests the name of an iPad app you particularly like. Then a charming spider map appears recommending similar/ related apps. You can click on this potentially never-ending map to expand it, and save or share it at any point. To discover more about an app, double tap to view a description, ratings and screenshots. You can also finger-tap and hold to add it to your online favourites or wish list.

Marketed as ‘the one app you should not be without’, Appsfire is certainly a sure fire way to find the apps you’ll love. When ready to use the app, you will be prompted to answer if you are a professional, a student, an athlete, a networker, a parent, a gamer, a traveller, or a creative. You are also asked if you are simply looking for free apps or games. Then Appsfire can hone its hunt to tantalise you with nicely packaged folders of apps. You can also opt to have your matches sent to you via email or Facebook. Simply adjust the filters, if you decide you need fresh blood.

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