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Now TV: STEM Learning Pack for Hong Kong families

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STEM integrates four specific disciplines – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – in an interdisciplinary and applied learning approach. It combines these four subjects with reallife experiences and hands-on applications to empower children to be inquisitive, think critically and explore new horizons. The STEM method is popular in Hong Kong, and Now TV is helping families bring it home through a brand-new STEM Learning Pack.

The STEM Learning Pack provides a family-friendly ecosystem for children to learn through TV, interactive apps and educational toys which reinforce the STEM disciplines. The pack, designed for children aged six to 12 years, provides an enjoyable and multidimensional learning experience where kids can learn together with their parents.

“The new STEM Learning Pack further strengthens the family proposition of Now TV,” says Janice Lee, managing director of PCCW Media Group. “We are excited to expand our content offering to create an environment and provide tools for parent-child learning outside school.”

Specially currated learning programmes on topics such as the universe, nature, science, mathematics, art and culture and the animal kingdom are available in the all-new Now Learn On Demand library. Programmes are on offer from renowned content partners such as BBC Studios, Boat Rocker Media and Bomanbridge Media, as well as on the Da Vinci Learning channel. All are available on Pay-TV and on the newly redesigned Now Player Junior app. Subscribers to the STEM Learning Pack can also enjoy fun and educational interactive games and short video clips through the Da Vinci Kids app.

To complement learning with hands-on experience in robotics and science, the pack also comes with STEM learning toys. The 12 toys, created by 4M, a Hong Kong-based company that specialises in educational toys, will be delivered to subscribers’ homes every two months through a 24-month subscription.

“STEM learning has been growing in popularity, and it is our aim to make learning fun for children through edutainment programmes,” says Janice. “Children will have a completely safe platform when they are surfing for entertainment via Now TV and the Now Player Junior app.

“Now TV strives to provide the most comprehensive world-class entertainment to families in Hong Kong and believes parent-child edutainment not only enhances children’s learning and creativity outside of school, but also nourishes the parent-child relationship.”

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