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Entrepreneur of the month: Han Gao of HanMade Teahouse

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My business is centred around tea, cakes and fresh flowers. But it is more than that, it’s about the whole therapeutic experience we try to offer. We want people to feel refreshed and pampered after spending time in our store, after trying our healthy, carefully blended tea and delicate and delicious teacakes.

In setting up HanMade Teahouse, I handpicked every little detail myself, everything from the teas to the furnishings and accessories. I also created every blended tea on the menu. I wanted to create something healthier and better, something pleasantly surprising, and in so doing inspire healthier and happier living.

The thing that interests me most about my business is the way we innovate. I take much pride in the top-quality teas I create and I never compromise. For instance, to preserve the aroma and nutrients, I use freeze-dried fruits. Most of the  other blended teas on the market rely on dried fruits, artifi cial fl avouringsand additives. Likewise, I use fruit or vegetable powders in the cakes instead of colourings and additives.

To succeed in business, you need to constantly remember the original driving force that got you started in the first place. My aim was to surprise people and improve their quality of life, by providing unique, top-quality teas and cakes. To achieve this goal, I need to stay original, focus on the product and be patient. I feel absolutely thrilled when customers recognise my efforts and passion to excel.

To start up my business, the greatest challenge I faced was that I was new to Discovery Bay and had no idea what resources were available. But it’s been fun because the more I find out, the more I like this place. I’ve lived here now for a year and a half, I’m very proud to say that our community is very friendly and supportive.

My greatest achievement is that almost everyone who has been to our store has given us positive feedback. But it’s too early to talk about achievement at this stage, staying humble and dedicated is very important.

My plan for the future is to take things one step at a time! I believe there is a lot of potential for the business to grow and expand, but I don’t want to get too carried away. The most important so I am constantly dreaming up new products and ways to improve feedback.

When hiring staff, I always look for people who are kind, warm and customer-focused, with a positive attitude. Having the right staff is essential to the success of the business and to the community as a whole, after all, positive vibes are contagious.

My favourite social media platform is Instagram because I find it aesthetically pleasing and it can be used to convey ideas directly and easily.

HanMade Teahouse, Shop G10 DB North Plaza, 2322 8558, [email protected], HanMade Teahouse Cakes Flowers Facebook page, Instagram: hanmade_teahouse

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